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At Dialing Crew, we take care of making it easier for your clients to make decisions, whatever their need. We have implemented a multichannel network with the aim of achieving total end customer satisfaction.

We help your company to make the most of the different communication channels available. We design the sales outsourcing solution you need to generate commitment, interact and connect the brand with its clients.

Through our Call Center services, we become one more department of the client’s company, regardless of the sector or product / service in question, assuming the integral management of business processes with a complete adaptation of the philosophy, values, business culture and work methodology of our clients together with our professionalism and quality in the planning, organization and execution of the services we develop.

The objectives we pursue in all outsourcing of our clients’ business processes are:

  • Cost reduction operating and structural costs.
  • Optimization in the management of human and technological resources.
  • Improvement of operational and business processes.
  • Achieve better and greater operational flexibility.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Reduction of operational risks.

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Committed To Clients & Vendors

We Provide

At Dialing Crew, we provide services beyond the traditional telephone customer service, telemarketing, customer loyalty, retention, etc. configuring services tailored to our clients, our central axis being the use and implementation.

We act as a departmental area of our clients’ companies, adapting to the philosophy, values and way of working of each one of them, so that the end client does not perceive us as a call center but as one more department of the company.

We carry out comprehensive management in contact with Clients, covering the different communication channels in the market: telephone, email, SMS, click to call, web collaboration, web chat, social media, etc.

Our Strategy

1. Cut down cost and overhead for our client and provide them the best experienced resources.
2. Ensure services of clients through customized implementations.
3. 24/7 Call Center with all operations, Admin, HR, QA, Training.

We Offer Medical Billing Services

We provide cost efficient medical billing service solution in different regions of Europe specially in Different Health Care Faculties In United States.
We Provide complete business solution as per follow the Law,Rules & Regulations Under Relevant Country Policies. Medical Billing Flow Chart Based On:


Physicians/providers must credential themselves, i.e., enroll and attest with the Payer’s network and authorized to provide services to patients …

Claim Submission

Paperless patient claim is transmitted to a health insurer or other third-party payer for processing and payment.


Medical billing reports can help you understand the health of your practice. These reports can help you understand …

Patient Enrollments

Paperless patient claim is transmitted to a health insurer or other third-party payer for processing and payment.

Eligibility Verification

Validate that a claim is appropriate and accurate for submission. It’s intricate cleaning of a claim prior to submission.

A/R Collections

Account Receivables (AR) for successful submissions. Denial management by identifying, managing, monitoring and resubmission.

Why Hire Us
  • Less Management Effort
  • No Facility Cost
  • No Overhead Cost To Manage Resources
  • No Utility, Insurance & Rent To Pay
  • No Hiring & Retention Issue
  • Reduces Cost of Support Department


+1 945 218 6210

Call Center Pricing

Our Pricing Plans are Cost-Effective.

$ 13.99
/ Hour / Agent
Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports
24/7 Call Center Support
QA Department
Managing Resources
Client Communication
Fully Equipped Call Center Environment
We Love to Serve Our Clients With Cost Efficient Solutions

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